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Outasite!! Antiques West Virginia features some of the top antiques, estate, real estate and household auction companies in the state of West Virginia including Ball Auction, Dave Kelley Auctions, Greenways, Moore, New River and Wades Auction Service.  Outasite!! Auctions is part of NOVA-Antiques.com, the Mid Atlantic website for all things antique & collectible.


Outasite!! Auctions and NOVA-Antiques.com do not manage, own, promote or operate the antique malls, stores, shops, antique shows, flea markets, estate sales or auctions listed on these pages.  All information is provided as a service to our subscribers and clients.  Although we try to verify all listings prior to publication, there are times that date, location and times changes are made by owners, managers and/or promoters that are not communicated to us in a timely manner.  It is a good idea to check with the owners, managers or promoters to make sure the event open or is being held before embarking on a journey.

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West Virginia Auctions
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Record Auction Price for Qing Dynasty Clock

A clock that Sotheby’s officials expected to bring in $1 million realized a record price of more than $3.8 million.  The table clock, which is more than 200 years old had a gilt and brass casing which was ornately decorated with enamel.  It belonged to socialite and vintner Patricia Kluge.  The auction was held at Albemarle House inCharlottesville, Virginia and it featured other clocks, paintings and antiques which brought in more than $15 million dollars total.

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Dave Kelley Auctions, Buckhannon, West Virginia, 304.439.1399

Dave Kelley Auctions is located in Buckhannon, West Virginia and has been in business for about fifteen years.  Dave Kelly Auctions specializes in consignment auctions and estate auctions and holds a few auctions per year in West Virginia. 


Edgar Bohrer Auction, 2858 Giles Mill Road, Bunker Hill, West Virginia, 304.229.8354

Edgar Bohrer Auction is located in Bunker Hill, West Virginia and they normally hold auctions a few times per year.  Edgar Bohrer Auction specializes in personal property auctions including estate auctions, antiques auctions and equipment auctions.


Knobley Mountain Auctions, Route 50 & 220, Keyser, West Virginia, 304.788.4045

Knobley Mountain Auctions is located near Keyser, West Virginia and they hold auctions every Saturday afternoons.  Knobley Mountain Auctions runs an antique mall on the premises and specializes in eBay auctions as well as antique auctions, estate auctions and consignment auctions.


Greenway’s Real Estate & Auction, 124 ½ N. Court Street, Lewisburg, West Virginia, 304.645.5645

Greenway’s Real Estate & Auction is located in Lewisburg, West Virginia and they normally hold auctions a few times per month.  They specialize in real estate, antique auctions, consignment auctions, estate auctions and personal property auctions.


Wade’s Auction Service, 3 Mountain Vista Drive, Morgantown, West Virginia, 304.599.1040

Wade’s Auction Service is located in Morgantown West Virginia and they normally hold a few auctions per month.  Wade’s Auction Service deals in real estate as well as personal property auctions including estate auctions, consignment auctions and antiques auctions.


Storc Auctions, 172 Main Street, New Martinsville, West Virginia, 304.455.1900

Storc Auctions is located in Summersville, West Virginia and normally hold auctions a few times per month.  Storc Auctions specializes in personal property auctions including estate auctions, antiques auctions, real estate auctions and consignment auctions.


Blosser Auction Service, Rockport, West Virginia, 304.428.0826

Blosser Auction Service is located in Rockport, West Virginia and they normally hold auctions on Thursday afternoons.  Blosser Auction Service specializes in consignment auctions and estate auctions as well as antique and collectible auctions.


Rowe Auction Company, 500 Water Street, Summersville, West Virginia, 304.573.0309

Rowe Auction Company is located in Summersville, West Virginia and normally hold auctions a few times per month.  Rowe Auction Company specializes in personal property auctions including estate auctions, antiques auctions, real estate auctions and consignment auctions.


Ball Auction, 1206 East State Avenue, Terra Alta, West Virginia, 304.789.6879

Ball Auction is located in Terra Alta, West Virginia and they hold auctions every Saturday evening.  Ball Auction specializes in real estate auctions as well as antiques auctions, gun auctions, consignment and estate auctions.  They also do on site auctions.


United Country Riverbend USA, 100 North Monroe Street, Alderson, West Virginia, 304.445.2897


Theresa Key Auctions, 81 Smithfield Street, Buckhannon, West Virginia


Todd Rexroad Auctions, Clifton Mills Road, Bruceton Mills, West Virginia, 304.288.7079


Conrad Auctions, Route 1 Box 144, Elkins, West Virginia, 304.636.6970


Moore Auction Service, Route 2, Fairmont, West Virginia, 304.366.1432


Patriot Auction Center, 615 King Street, Martinsburg, West Virginia, 240.566.2000


Nitro Auction House & Antique Sales, 119 21st Street, Nitro, West Virginia, 304.755.3694


Gallien Auction Service, Route 3, Philippi, West Virginia, 304.457.2466





SRK Auctions, Route 4, Philippi, West Virginia, 304.457.3437


Allen Brothers Auctioneers, Slate Run Road, Spencer, West Virginia, 304.428.3636


Atkinson Auctions, 213 Church Street, Spencer, West Virginia, 304.965.3656


Hagedorn & Associates, 173 National Road, Triadelphia, West Virginia, 304.547.5066


New River Auction, Route 19 & 60, Victor, West Virginia, 304.658.3275


Behm's  Auction, Triadelphia, West Virginia, 724.428.3664


Fowler's Auction, 334 East 6th Street, West Virginia, 304.767.4040