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Outasite!! Auctions New Jersey features some of the top antiques, estate, real estate and household auction companies in the state of New Jersey including Bertoia Auctions, Olde City and Elmer Auctions and South Jersey Auction.  Outasite!! Auctions is part of NOVA-Antiques.com, the Mid Atlantic website for all things antique & collectible.


Outasite!! Auctions and NOVA-Antiques.com do not manage, own, promote or operate the antique malls, stores, shops, antique shows, flea markets, estate sales or auctions listed on these pages.  All information is provided as a service to our subscribers and clients.  Although we try to verify all listings prior to publication, there are times that date, location and times changes are made by owners, managers and/or promoters that are not communicated to us in a timely manner.  It is a good idea to check with the owners, managers or promoters to make sure the event open or is being held before embarking on a journey.

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New Jersey Auctions
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Record Auction Price for Qing Dynasty Clock

A clock that Sotheby’s officials expected to bring in $1 million realized a record price of more than $3.8 million.  The table clock, which is more than 200 years old had a gilt and brass casing which was ornately decorated with enamel.  It belonged to socialite and vintner Patricia Kluge.  The auction was held at Albemarle House inCharlottesville, Virginia and it featured other clocks, paintings and antiques which brought in more than $15 million dollars total.

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Bowen’s Auctions, Harmony Lodge – Route 206 N, Andover, New Jersey, 201.572.3709

Bowen’s Auctions is located in Andover, New Jersey and they normally hold weekly public auctions on Saturday evenings.  Bowen’s Auctions specializes in antiques and collectibles auctions featuring antique pottery, vintage glass and other antiques and collectibles. 


Castners Auction & Appraisal, 6 Wantage Avenue, Branchville, New Jersey, 937.948.3868

Castners Auction & Appraisal is located in Branchville, New Jersey and has been around for over fifty five years.  Castners Auction holds auctions on Friday evenings and other auctions throughout the year.  They specialize in estate and consignment auctions as well as government equipment auctions, antiques and collectibles and vintage toy auctions.


C & M Auctioneers, 739 Lincoln Avenue, Burlington, New Jersey, 609.386.1778

C & M Auctioneers is located in Burlington, New Jersey and they normally hold auctions on Monday evenings with no buyer’s premium.  C & M Auctioneers has been around for about forty one years and specializes in consignment auctions, estate auctions and antiques auctions.


Bob Brooks Auction Sales, 1085 Delsea Drive, Malaga, New Jersey, 856.694.2960

Bob Brooks Auction Sales in located in Malaga, New Jersey and has been around since 1968.  Auction Brooks Auction Sales specializes in estate auctions that feature everything from antiques and fine art to collectibles, jewelry, tools and vehicles.  Their consignment auctions are held every few weeks.


Arthur Hanna Auctioneers, 5 Bridge Street, Milford, New Jersey, 908.995.9699

Arthur Hanna Auctioneers is located in Milford, New Jersey and has been around since the early 1970’s.  Arthur Hanna specializes in on site estate auctions and country auctions, they also hold antiques, collectibles, and consignment auctions a few times per year.  This auction house does not charge a buyer’s premium.


Elmer Auction, 260 Swedesboro Road, Monroeville, New Jersey, 856.358.8433

Elmer Auction in located in Monroeville, New Jersey and they hold a weekly Friday night auction and other auctions throughout the month.  Elmer specializes in real estate auctions as well as antique auctions, coin auctions, and jewelry auctions.


Auctions by Mesiano, 233 S Broadway, Pennsville, New Jersey, 856.696.4651

Auctions by Mesiano is located in Pennsville, New Jersey and is a family owned and operated business that has been around for over thirty years.  Their 450,000 square foot warehouse is one of the largest in Jersey.  Auctions by Mesiano specializes in antique auctions as well as estate and business liquidation auctions.


Concepts 1 Auction House, 1125 Arnold Avenue, Point Pleasant, New Jersey, 732.892.6040

Concepts 1 Auction House is located in Point Pleasant, New Jersey and they hold auctions every 2nd Wednesday of the month and the last Saturday of each month.  Concepts 1 Auction House specializes in consignment and estate auctions featuring antiques, collectibles, tools, jewelry and art.


Bodnar’s Auction Sales, 135 Davidson Avenue, Somerset, New Jersey, 732.951.2100

Bodnar’s Auction Sales is located in Somerset, New Jersey and normally hold auctions on Thursdays.  Bodnar’s Auction specializes in personal property auctions including antique auctions, estates, and vintage collectibles including vintage toys and dolls.


Dennis Auction Service, 723 State Route 57, Stewartsville, New Jersey, 908.859.3424

Dennis Auction Service is located in Stewartsville, New Jersey and they hold auctions every Friday and other auctions throughout the month.  Dennis Auction Service has over 125 years of combined auction business experience and specialize in antique auctions, real estate auctions, estate auctions and consignment auctions.  Their building is equipped to hold three auctions simultaneously.



Bertoia Auctions, 2141 DeMarco Drive. Vineland, New Jersey, 856.692.1881

Bertoia Auctions of Vineland, New Jersey specializes in antique and vintage toys.  They hold auctions a few times a year and draws large crowds and huge sums of money for toy collections from around the world.



Country Joe’s Auction, 2 Meadowbrook Lane, New Egypt, New Jersey, 732.730.2219



Dutch Auction Sales, Swedesboro Avenue, Mikelton, New Jersey, 856.423.6800



Elite Auctions, 1040 Pennsylvania Avenue, Trenton, New Jersey, 732.751.1112



Wm. Barron Galleries, 602 Main Street, Belmar, New Jersey, 732.280.8820